Basics of hysterectomy – Interesting fact, recovery rate & Various types

Whenever the doctor suggests that you need to take a hysterectomy, then many questions crop up in your mind. The prominent question which ought to be encountered is what sort of procedure is particularly best for you? According to experienced doctors, the safest, minimally invasive & cost-efficient way to eliminate the uterus is the vaginal hysterectomy in Vizag. This technique is particularly better than traditional laparoscopic and open surgery.

It is relevant to mention statistics about women who undergo this minimally invasive stratagem.

About 6 lakhs of women take up this procedure for the elimination of the uterus every year.

The preponderantly occurred cases of vaginal hysterectomy are afflicted with the following problems:

• Experiencing bleeding which is abnormal & uncontrolled
• Facing the problem of severe endometriosis
• Severe pain in the pelvic region
• Experiencing Uterine fibroids & Prolapse

Do you know
This is the customary surgeon which most women undergo after delivering a baby through cesarean birth.

Open Surgery is still a notion
It is relevant to state here that most of the patients are treated with a hysterectomy which requires the use of a laparoscope that aids in making little incisions. Rarest cases are treated with large incisions in the abdominal area and that is known as open surgery.

The intellectual reader may be encountering the question – Despite the effectiveness of this technique in all the aspects, why is this technique carried out at low rates?

Then the answer to this is that very few gynaecological practitioners have achieved excellence in this particular technique. That being the predominant reason refrains the patients from getting treated with this process.

According to the experienced doctors, the predominant advantage of this stratagem is there are no visible external sutures and being treated with this modus operandi comes up with significantly less bleeding.

What is the pace of recovery after undergoing this treatment?
Because of this aspect itself, many patients are relying on this procedure. Because nowadays every individual is working or even enrolled in some kind, of course, it becomes difficult to take off so many days at once. It requires 2 weeks in maximum.

Which are the preponderant types of hysterectomy?
Following are the types of hysterectomies depend on the organs which are needed to be removed:

Partial hysterectomy
A partial hysterectomy is associated with the elimination of the upper division of the uterus only but leaving the cervix intact.

Complete Hysterectomy
When it is about the complete hysterectomy. As the name itself suggests that it carries out the thorough removal of the uterus & cervix.

A hysterectomy that includes the removal of the ovaries as well

Once in a while, the need may be aroused in which the elimination of ovaries along with the fallopian tubes are to be carried out, then this process of removal of three organs at one go is known as a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy.

Radical hysterectomy
In the radical hysterectomy, the surgeon aims at removing the following:
• Upper vagina
• Lymph nodes
• Surrounding tissues

As we know the complexity in carrying out this process, it is advisable to choose the surgeon who is not only reputed but also do have a year of experience & practice in performing this stratagem.

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