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Caesarean Delivery

What is a cesarean delivery?

Caesarean Section Surgery in Vizag, Cesarean delivery is also referred to as C-section or Cesarean section. It is the surgical delivery of a baby. During C-section 2 incisions are made, one in the uterus and another in the abdomen.
Stats have shown that 1/3rd of the baby are delivered through C-section. Mostly, this type of delivery is avoided till the time 39 weeks of pregnancy mark is not passed. This is done so that the child gets the time to develop in the womb. In rare cases, due to complications, C-section can be performed before 39 weeks are completed.

Why is a cesarean delivery performed?

C-section delivery is performed when natural childbirth is difficult or has complications with it or the child is at greater risk. In most cases, C-section is done when there are certain complications. Some of the possible reasons are:

  • Developmental issues in babies
  • Transverse labor (baby shoulder is coming first)
  • STalled labor
  • Oxygen supply is not proper to the baby
  • Umbilical cord issue
  • Earlier C-section delivery
  • Child is at increased risk of getting genital herpes from mother
  • Issue with placenta
  • Early pregnancy complications
  • Breech birth (Baby feet is coming out)
  • Mother has health issues like heart disease or blood pressure
  • Baby head size is more than normal for the birth canal

Before the due date, the doctor will discuss with you about the birthing options. Gynae will also talk you through the possible signs of complications she is noticing.

How to prepare for a cesarean delivery?

Depending on your condition, if the doctor feels that C-section is the best option then you will be given complete instructions which you need to follow to reduce the likelihood of complications and the chances of successful C-section are increased.
Along with prenatal appointments, you need to visit for regular checkups. Doctor will perform a health examination and blood tests.
The doctor will note down your blood type, if during the surgery blood transfusion is needed. However, it is a rare situation but the doctor will prepare for every possible complication.
Ensure that all your doubts are being addressed and you should understand clearly what you need to keep in mind. Unlike normal delivery, the recovery from C-section delivery will take time. It is best that you get extra help so that the household chores are being taken care of. This way the baby will get the right attention he needs.

How to take care of yourself after the surgery?

  • After the surgery you need to take proper rest for few weeks.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse for 4 to 6 weeks
  • If you experience overwhelming fatigue or mood swings then consult the doctor.
  • Abdomen needs right support so make your posture correct.
  • Increase the fluid intake so that you gain back which is lost during C-section.
  • Make sure to take the medications prescribed by the doctor.

Emergency situations to call the doctor

If you experience these symptoms then call the doctor right away:

  • Pain during urination
  • Signs of infection like swelling, redness, discharge from incision, or fever.
  • Breast pain along with fever
  • Vaginal discharge comes with foul-smell or blood clots.

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