Endometriosis – Facts, Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Stages and infertility

Many people take endometriosis as cancerous. But it is not at all a malignancy, rather endometriosis is the ordinary development of cells that form inside the uterus. There are predominantly three kinds of endometriosis – Subserosal fibroids, Intramural fibroids and Submucosal fibroids. Endometriosis treatment in Vizag is carried with cost-efficient and result-oriented methods.

Let’s dig in-depth about endometriosis:

Which facts about endometriosis one must know?

One must know the following facts about endometriosis:

• Endometriosis is associated with infertility but it is relevant to mention here that endometriosis does not always cause infertility.
• All the patients with endometriosis do not always face the symptoms. But the ones who face it, encounter the subsequent:
• Extreme and unendurable pain during the menstrual periods and ovulation period.
• If a woman is facing pain during intercourse, then it is the symptom that the woman is afflicted with endometriosis.
• The detection of problems is usually done with the assessment of the pattern of the symptoms, but the definite diagnosis is carried out by laparoscopy.
• The affliction of endometriosis is remediable, the treatment is usually carried out by the medications, but if that does not act accordingly to vanish the problem then the surgical option is taken into account.

In which stages the severity of the endometriosis is classified?
There are customarily four stages of endometriosis:

• I-Minimal
• II-Mild
• III-Moderate
• IV- Severe

These Stages are divided based on the following characteristics of the endometrial implants;
• Size
• Extent
• Location
• Depth

The Ist and IInd stage of the endometriosis is not considered as the most bothersome since there is very Lilly scarring in the tissue but the IIIrd and IVth stage is considered as the most severe as the scarring is increased, but yes, infertility ought to occur in the IVth stage.

An essential piece of information about pelvic pain

The intensity and severity of the pelvic pain vitally depend upon the following:

• If the implants are situated in the areas having nerve density quintessentially high, then this location feature is known to produce more pain.
• The pain during endometriosis is carried out because it releases some of the elements in the blood which are known to provoke the pain

Endometriosis and cancer

Many types of research have shown that endometrial implants develop malignant if they are not treated for a long period. But it is relevant to mention here that cancerous conditions owing to endometriosis can only come into the origin if the woman has never conceived.

What are the causes of endometriosis?

Following causes in some way account for the problem of endometriosis:

• Retrograde menstruation
• Development of primitive cells into tumour

Can endometriosis cause infertility?
Endometriosis can surely cause infertility if the severity has reached the IIIrd and IV stage, nevertheless, the women having mild endometriosis can conceive without any difficulty.

How is endometriosis diagnosed?
The diagnosis can be done with the physical examination and the severity of the pattern of symptoms, but such a diagnosis does not always come up with true and appropriate results. For this reason, the diagnosis at VJS Health care: Multispeciality Hospital is carried out through ultrasound and the biopsy in which the sample of the uterus is taken to detect the affliction.

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