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What is the meaning of the term Hysteroscopic Tubal Cannulation and why this is performed?

There are multiple causes of infertility among women. One of them is the blockage in the fallopian tubes. VJs Health Care offers the best blocked fallopian tube treatment in Vizag. Following are the basics of the treatment:

Entangle the term Hysteroscopic Tubal Cannulation

Hysteroscopic Tubal Cannulation is a medical treatment technique in which the viewing of the whole of the uterine cavity or chamber is allowed. This is considered as practical and functional as it allows the doctor to diagnose or pinpoint the spot and perform the treatment surgical procedure accordingly.

This procedure has been proved as a blessing for many females who could not conceive. It aided in restoring fertility among women. Fertility is reinstated because some sort of blockage occurs at the initial point of the fallopian tubes. These fallopian tubes are placed at the nearing point of the uterus. The joining point of the fallopian tubes is of absolute hair size. This procedure usually aims at clearing the impediment through the means of hysteroscope into the aperture of the fallopian tubes.

There is also a double-checking phase of this procedure. This involves the use of a laparoscopic instrument. It aids in passing through the blue wire to assure that the stoppage is cleared and the way is smooth.

What is the stratagem for this surgery?

The stratagem of this treatment process is as follows:

  • With the supervision of hysteroscopy, the doctor puts a tube that is led the way by a wire.
  • A balloon is ordinarily used to clear the obstructed part of the catheter.
  • As already discussed, after the whole procedure is performed. After that, a dye is thrust inside the tube to be double sure that the procedure has been successfully performed.

What is the post stratagem?

This stratagem has been found with a good rate of success. This procedure aided many females with their fertility. The doctor obviously issues some very strict guidelines after the surgery. The main gig bonus points about this surgery are:

  • No hyperstimulation with ovaries
  • No risk of multiple pregnancies

What are the variegated Complications?

There are variegated complications regarding the hysteroscopic tubal cannulation

  • It may take place that the abdominal cavity bleeds heavily in the post-surgical period.
  • Scars and unbearable inflammation may take place.
  • Infertility may continue to perpetuate.

Final Thoughts

As the IVF procedure is gaining high popularity among couples, the stratagem of tubal cannulation is also acquiring high success rates. It aims at reinstating fertility by making the path of fallopian tubes smooth.

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