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Normal Delivery

What is Normal Delivery?

Best Hospital For Normal Delivery Vizag,  Normal Delivery is how the baby is brought into the world. Till the time, you do not have medical issues, natural and normal childbirth will be done easily. Through the vaginal birth process, the baby is born healthy and the woman can recover faster.

What are its signs and symptoms?

Before the due date, you are likely going to notice few changes. But as every individual is different so it will be different from one woman to another.

What symptoms are experienced 1 to 4 weeks before labor?

  • Loosened joints
  • Frequent need to urinate
  • Watery Stools
  • False contractions
  • Cervix dilation
  • Lack of coordination

If it happens then the normal functioning of the gallbladder is affected, and it forms gallstones. If you have sickle cell anemia and hereditary spherocytosis then you are at increased risk of having pigment stones.

What symptoms do you experience a few days or hours before labor?

  • Pain in the lower back which reaches the legs & abdomen.
  • Water breaking
  • Stronger & frequent contractions
  • Thick and pinkish mucus in urine
  • The vaginal discharge becomes thicker & increased

Are there any advanced symptoms?

  • Increasing contractions
  • Back pain gets intensified
  • Contractions result in severe pain
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • The abdomen has a warm sensation

Why is normal childbirth preferred?

Childbirth is a normal process and the human body is designed accordingly. For a healthy woman, the need for epidural or painkillers, might not be there. Some of the important points which tells that delivery should be natural:

  • Epidural Leads to Medical Interventions: Epidural disconnects you from the action of natural push. Hence, the doctor will give you the uterine stimulants, or with the forceps or vacuum, the delivery is done.
  • Safer option: For mon & baby, this is the healthier choice and recovery is quick.
  • Shorter labor: With the epidurals & painkillers, the contractions will get slowed down & the laboring period is increased. The laboring stage will not proceed when you are not able to feel the contractions & you won’t know when you should push.
  • Minimized Hospital stay: With normal childbirth, the hospital stay is reduced and recovery time is less as compared to C-section.

Process of normal childbirth

The process of normal childbirth or vaginal birth is divided into 3 stages:
Stage 1: Includes 3 phases

Latent Phase
  • Last for 6 to 10 Hours
  • Cervix Dilates 0 to 4 cm
Active Phase
  • Last for 3 to 6 Hours
  • Reduced Time in Subsequent Delivery
Transition Phase
  • Last For 20 Minutes to 2 Hours
  • Lesser Duration The Subsequent Pregnancy

Stage 2
This stage starts when the cervix is fully dilated and this lasts for 30 minutes to 2 hours, during the first pregnancy. In later births, this time will reduce.
Stage 3
During the 3rd stage, the placenta is removed from the body and it takes a few minutes to 30 minutes.

How long does normal childbirth last?

During the pregnancy with first vaginal childbirth, the total time will be between 12 to 14 hours. With subsequent deliveries, the time will get short. Some of the factors which will determine the time:

  • Baby’s Position
  • Ease of cervical dilation
  • Contractions and Pain

To ensure that you get the best care, consult our gynecologist and she will let you know what necessary steps you need to take for a smooth pregnancy.

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