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What is a male varicocele?

Varicocele Surgery in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, Male varicocele is a condition that develops with time. The condition affects the growth of the testicles and it can prevent it from developing or it can get shrinked. The pooling of blood and increased temperature in the scrotal disc will lead to low sperm count or poor sperm quality. Even if the temperature increases by one-degree then testosterone functioning and sperm production are impacted. Male varicocele is different as compared to the one which the person has in their legs. The problem can lead to vein enlargement. The occurrence of this problem is common in men at the age of 15 to 25. The problem is mostly triggered on the scrotum left side. However, not with every patient, the problem of sperm production will trigger.
Thankfully, the Varicocele Treatment & Surgery In Vizag can improve the patient’s condition. In some cases, the varicocele does not even need the treatment.

What are the symptoms of varicocele symptoms?

Usually, there are no possible signs and symptoms. However, the patient will have testicle pain and the pain may lead to:

  • Affect the fertility
  • You get relief only when you lay on your back
  • The patient can feel heaviness which may be sharp to dull.
  • Pain increases when you sit, stand, or physically exert yourself.
  • The problem is likely to increase in hot weather.

How is a varicocele diagnosed?

The doctor will perform the physical examination where he will check the testicles and the patient needs to stand while he does that. Some of the further testings are done through the following methods:

  • Doppler ultrasonography It is a type of ultrasound that helps to check the sound of blood backflow with the help of a valve.
  • Thermography Thermography technology makes use of infrared sensing to check the heat pockets which are created with the pooled blood.

How can repairing it help to correct the varicocele?

If you get the repairing then it can be beneficial in different ways which are mentioned below:

  • Reduction in scrotal pain
  • Sperm quality and production will get back to their normal stage
  • Testicles size gets back to the normal state in adolescent
  • Helps the low testosterone level to come back to its level


The patient is given treatment so that the blood backflow can be addressed. After that, it is cooled down so that it can get back to its normal state.

Laparoscopic surgery

During laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon makes a small incision in the abdominal area. It allows the instrument to be passed easily. This way the surgeon can see the organs and the varicocele will be repaired. To make the patient comfortable throughout the treatment, he is administered general anesthesia.
Apart from this, the treatment option can include surgical intervention and a non-surgical approach. What is best for you will be told by your surgeon on the initial consultation.

What to expect after surgery?

The patient can go back home on the day of the treatment. For days or weeks, you will notice mild to moderate scrotal pain.

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